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One of the easiest to check and most overlooked aspects of keeping your pet healthy, is a healthy mouth. If you haven’t done so recently (and don’t feel bad if you haven’t, most people don’t), pick up a lip and look at your pet’s back teeth in a well lit area. Large chunks of brown tartar, red, eroding gums, and bad breath are all easily recognizable signs of an unhealthy mouth.

Most people seems to think, that bad teeth is a problem that is limited to the mouth. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. Bad teeth frequently cause liver trouble, kidney trouble, and heart trouble in animals. I have cured a number of heart mummers in dogs and kidney problems in cats simple by cleaning their teeth and treating with antibiotics. More importantly, bad teeth cause pain in animals the same as they do for people. Dogs and cats are much more tolerant of mouth pain, then we humans. Just because your animal is eating, doesn’t mean that everything is O.K. If you notice signs of bad teeth, this is also an indication that your pet is in pain.


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