Financing Your Pet Health for Life

Like everything else today, pet care costs continue to increased substantially.  A recent survey indicated that 80% of all pet owners are worried about how they will pay for their pets care, should the animal become seriously ill or have a bad accident.  This is a concern that we have to address almost every day at the West Hazleton Veterinary Hospital.  We recommend the following three steps to ensure that your animal gets proper annual health care and optimal care in case of unexpected problems.

1. Always make sure your pet get an annual check up and required vaccinations.  We offer a Pet Wellness Plan that makes this very affordable.  For less then $200, can get the exam, vaccinations, blood tests, fecal test, and even a nail trim if necessary.  If this is still too expensive, we offer a No Pet Left Behind Program (exam and basic vaccinations) and even weekly vaccination clinics!

2. Be prepared to finance your pet in case of emergency.  Both the West Hazleton Veterinary Hospital and the local emergency hospital accept CareCredit (  There is no cost to apply and no charge unless you need financing.  Almost everyone with a job that gives them a regular paycheck will be approved.  They even offer 6 and 12 month plans with no interest!

3. Finally, you must consider Pet Health Insurance (  High deductible plans for major expenses are relatively inexpensive (about $0.50-$2.25 per day) and they will save you $1000’s if your pet becomes ill or is seriously injured.

So why not take these few simple steps today, to keep your pet healthy and be prepared to save your pet no matter what tragedies life brings!  Please do not wait until your pet is serious ill or has a major problem.  You do not want to be worrying about money, when you have a sick pet on your hands and a little advanced planning goes a long way in a bad situation.


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