This year has been one of the worse flea years that we ever seen! Flea infestations started in March, and have been getting progressively worse for the last 6 months. Late September and October are traditionally the worst months for fleas, so be ready!

Contrary to popular belief, adult fleas do not live on your pets. They spent about 10% of their time on animals and the other 90% of the time in the environment (your nice, warm and cozy house). If you use a shampoo to kill 100% of the adult fleas on your pets, you have only taken care of 10% of your adult flea problem. To make matters even worse, each adult flea lays up to 100 flea eggs. If you use sprays to kill 100% of the adult fleas on your pets and in the house, you have only taken care of 1-2% of your total flea problem.

Remember that when it comes to fleas, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. At the West Hazleton Veterinary Hospital, we recommend using a good spot-on such as Frontline Plus (not one of the copy cat products), or a systemic preventative such as Trifexis, before the fleas invade. If you already have a flea problem, please contacts us, at 570-455-2580, for a complimentary telephone consult on the steps necessary to get rid of fleas.

Telephone Consult, To stop fleas you must protect both your animals and the house.

Flea Protection for all animals. Frontline Plus (egg control) for cats, Frontline Plus or Trifexis for dogs. Advantage, Revolution, and varies other also work against adult fleas, but few incorporate the egg control necessitating treating the house

If this is a minor flea problem, continuous protection on the animals will treat the house as well as the fleas need to take a blood meal to lay eggs

Treat the house. KnockOut spray is similar to what professional use. The product must kill both the fleas and flea eggs. To break the insect life cycle.

Egg -> Larvae -> Pupa -> Adult

Nothing kills the Pupa, so in severe cases, the owner will have to retreat the house in 2-3 weeks when the pupa hatch


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